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Are all CEUs sent to this broker now even if you aren't a "member". What about college courses. I've taken some college courses for a great number of CEUs. Are those turned in?

I renew in April and am considering joining after that. Seems like they are making a big push to get us to join.


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Don't even get me started on this CE Broker thing. I wrote the Board of Nursing for Florida to inquire about this for my FL RN license and they told me that it was NOT mandatory to join. They also said that if you are not a member, when you renew, you will have to sign a statement confirming that you have met the CEU requirement for renewal. I am wondering why the State of Florida is getting into bed with CE Broker anyway. I am going to find a post that I may a while back and attach to another message on this forum about CE Broker. Let me find it .... :)

I found it ... here is my post that I made sometime ago regarding CE Broker:


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Patrick, I've always just signed the form that I have my required CEUs and have yet to be audited.

Somehow, they've gotten a mandate from above to go electronic. They strongly suggest you join, but you don't have to so I've resisted. I think they are able to check with CE Broker and see if you have your CEUs whether you personally are a member or not.

I guess we'll never know if our CEUs are posted unless we join. I'm not going to get a whole lot of other CEUs other than the mandated ones, other than college courses. I'm wondering if those college courses are posted on CE Broker or not.

I'm still undecided about joining. Seems like a money making opportunity for CE Broker, a big convience for the board, but limited use for myself.


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I think it's a gimmick, and I'm not joining unless it becomes mandatory.

I have plenty of CEU's and they're tracked just fine at my workplace.

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