Abnormal or Lifespan Psyche online?


I'm still waffling between the two for spring online at Ivy Tech. Has anyone done either of these online and what can you recommend? They are both equally interesting subjects to me. At this point I'm just looking to have a schedule filler that I can pass with an A with minimal effort and least book expense. ;) I'm one co-req away from being done, just have to take the TEAS and wait for April. I need another class to take that is a prereq for BSN programs just in case I'm forced to go that route.

Hope everyone is having a great semester. :)


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I'm taking Lifespan right now and I enjoy it. I bought the fourth edition of the book for $5 on amazon or half.com. It's the one that my instructor has in his syllabus, though the school will sell you the newest.

Good luck!


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I took Abnormal Psych online, and it was great! I decided to take it instead of Lifespan because I am very interested in abnormal psych and mental disorders. We had to write a few case study papers over various mental disorders. Other than the case study papers, we also had discussion board postings and quizzes. I would definitely recommend Abnormal Psych if you are interested in mental disorders.


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Wow! That's one vote for each> :) That's pretty much where I'm at...they are both interesting to me. I'll keep my ears open to see if either get any more votes. Thank you for your input.


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I'm no help! I am really considering taking both because they both interest me so much haha. I think lifespan is recommended over abnormal for the nursing program.


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lIfespan will hep you with NCLEX down the line