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Okay, this has been bugging me for a while; I just can't figure it out! What do the abbrievations CHI and S/P stand for? I believe they are a diagnosis or related to a diagnosis. I can't find anything in my medical dictionary about it. I used to think S/P meant "single person" because I saw it used alot with motor vehicle accidents which I knew involved one person. But the other night, I saw it written again for a MVA that I knew involved two people, so now I'm confused. Please help!


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CHI = closed head injury

I thought S/P was single person...I'll see if I can find if it means anything else.



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maybe the s/p means status post I think I remember something from lecture about this


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Well, I just found this cool website (and bookmarked it!):

It says S/P means status post. :)



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It does mean status post. Like, if the person had a previous surgery or something, you might write "s/p ______" in the history. Or if the person is in the hospital healing after injuries from a MVA, you might see "s/p MVA" on the chart.

Thanks! I knew someone here would be able to clarify! Krista, thanks for the great link. I'm sure it'll come in very handy.

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