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i am currently attending college for the cma program. i will be done in july 2011. i will have earned my associate of applied science degree. i want to obtain my bachelor of science in nursing degree next. i do hope to become a crna in the future, but i will not be a rn. have i just wasted these past 2 years doing the cma program? please help!!:confused::uhoh3:

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CRNA stands for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. You must be an RN first before you become a CRNA. Typically, CRNA programs will not accept students unless they have an RN degree and have worked at least 2 years in a critical care setting. Any ICU and some PACU experience is acceptable. Is there any way that you can take the credits you already have an enroll in an RN program?

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What is CMA? Is it Certified Medical Assistant? If so, I am doubtful that many of your courses would apply toward nursing school, either an ADN or a BSN. There are some CMA courses that consist of certificate programs, not Associates Degrees. The courses required for Medical Assisting do not (in my experience) consist of nursing-level courses. However, your basic courses may count toward general ed courses for a nursing degree.

As has been mentioned, you cannot be a CRNA without being an RN. May I ask why you want to be a CRNA without being a nurse?


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First of all, education is never wasted. Although the courses you have taken may not be applicable towards a BSN you learned. CMA = Certified Medical Assistant as others have posted, those courses are probably not going to transfer with the exception of liberal arts. Here's my advice...........get a job as a CMA at an institution that will help you with tuition and work as you learn.


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You have received excellent advice and your plan for your career is flawed. As others have stated you will NOT gain entry to ANY CRNA program without at least a year of ICU exp in a good sized hospital, preferrably in a open heart unit to get exp. with the multiple drips, swans, alines, vents and critical thinking skills.

Please go to the BON and review the CRNA criteria and talk with colleges that you are thinking of applying to. You're on the wrong path and my intentions are to help, not be nasty. You need much more information before embarking on a bachelors program that will get you no where.

A CRNA means certified registered NURSE anes..... You MUST be an RN.