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I'm a long time lurker here on AN and I just wanted to comment regarding my experience with the AANP exam this evening. Prior to taking the exam I saw a lot of threads on the exam being really hard and people failing. I prepared myself with the Fitzgerald live class back in early September and dragged my feet on taking the exam until today. After the Fitzgerald live class, I did the rest of her online modules. I then simply read through Leik's review book and Fitzgerald's review book, cover to cover over the past couple of months. I'm horrible at studying and I am easily distracted by other more appealing things to do so this is why it took so long. When I sat down for the boards, there were some easy questions and some that I did not recognize, but overall, it wasn't too bad. I wouldn't stress about it and you definitely don't need to spend hours a day for months to pass this exam. I don't even think Fitzgerald's live class helped me at all. It was great as a clinical refresher and she is an intelligent woman, but there wasn't much on the exam that was in her class. I took the exam this evening and passed.

Anyways, if you have any questions, let me know.


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Thanks googs for your post, it is encouraging to hear that it wasn't too bad. I'm not that good at studying either. I just took the Barkley live review last week and it was three days long but I enjoyed it and I think it should help me organize some of the information better. I also have the Leik book and will start going through that soon. I plan to take the AANP-FNP exam next month. Was your exam for FNP?

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I'm glad to hear it wasn't too bad also!! I graduate in 29 days (woot!) and hope to take the exam soon after so I can (hopefully) be stress free for the holidays. I read the posts about people failing and keep thinking "I could totally choke and that could be me!!"

I'm using Leik and Hollier (CD's so I can listen repeatedly) mostly. And tons of practice questions. My guess is that if I do enough practice questions with rationales then I should get some overlap lol.

CONGRATS!! Thanks for sharing the experience!

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Thanks for this post. I'm planning on taking my boards around graduation next month and have already started the studying process. I went to a live Fitzgerald review this month, bought the APEA Q Bank, have a set of Barkley CD's, and a few times a week I go over a few cooresponding chapters in the Fitzgerald Review and Leik book.

I feel like in the end it might be overkill, but with a job lined up, I don't want to leave anything to chance.

Out of curiosity, did you take the AANP practice exam? I took it last week and got an 83%, and feel like it was easier than a lot of the questions in the Fitzgerald review and APEA.


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Hi Googs,

I'm in desperate need of help for passing this Aanp exam. Can you pls guide me.


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Hi are you still preparing for the exam. I really need help


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Hi, Would you able to guide me please.