AANP exam in 10 days!! HELP


Hello everyone! I graduated from a Adult-Gero Primary Care NP program the last week in December. I am scheduled to test in 12 days. I scheduled myself for the AANP but also have the AANC scheduled late February.

Here is what i've done:

Barkley Home Study & Using the Leik App to cross- study with Barkley (Leik app is 2018 version)

Practice Tests:

2 Barkley DRTs- 80% and 78%

2 examedge exams- 70% and 73%

ANCC 25 questions - 76%

Leik app - overall score of 79%

APEA 76%

I am worried! I am consistently scoring over the "70%" mark- but sometimes, barely!

I plan to take the PSI exam- but think I should wait until 4-5 days before?

What does everyone recommend?

For those who have taken it, has anyone done the practice questions on the AANP content blueprint PDF? Are those very similar to the actual test? What questions are most similar?

Specializes in Adult Primary Care. Has 20 years experience.

No advice, but good luck. I did the Fitzgerald live course and felt very prepared for the AANP boards (over 10 years ago).