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AANP and ANCC exam review and tips suggestions

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I'm planning to take my AANP and the ANCC exam within a few weeks, any test taking tips? What review did you use? Did you pass? How long did you study for the exam? Did you purchase any online test questions?

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Just a quick question - what specialty family, adult, etc and why are you taking both cert exams?

I'm taking family. I applied for the AANP first, and I realize that more facilities are in favor of ANCC. By the time I realized that, I already paid for the AANP exam. I'm aware they are recognized within all states, but it was too late to get my money back.

Sha-Sha RN

Specializes in Neuroscience, Cardiac Nursing.

Oh ok. I took the Adult Gero ANCC exam 2 weeks ago and passed on the first try. I used Fitzgerald online review which I like because I was able to view each video up to 4 times and go at my own pace. I started using the review course back in April to prep for my final exam and accessed it again 1 week before my board exam, focusing on the areas I had issues with. I also had access to Barkley CDs and I went thru Maria Leik's review book from cover to cover and did all 629 questions. I also used Kellerman's necessary np review book which is mainly for FNP review but I found a lot of questions in it that we're different from other material I saw, lots of good legal, research and ethical question that are in the ANCC test. I gave myself 6 weeks when I registered for my test. I did 50-100 questions daily 6 weeks leading up to my exam and used index cards to write down info I got wrong in my practice questions. I also did 1 diagnostic readiness test from Barkley 6 weeks before my test to see the areas I needed to focus on more.

Thank you for your advice. I've started doing practice questions. Any thoughts on APEA test bank questions vs Exam Edge?

Sha-Sha RN

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Some of my classmates who took ( and passed) the AANP exam swear by APEA exams and said it was very helpful in their study plans. I used the exam edge questions and I thought they were OK, a lot of acute care questions were mixed in with the primary care questions.

Thanks for the tip. I guess I'll do the APEA test bank as well. :yes:


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I took both exams and maintain both certifications. It's not much work and may protect you in the event of the unforeseen.

I am certified psych/mental health nurse and found the study materials available through ANCC more than adequate

I say why do both?...they are both nationally recognized. The only difference I have seen down here in Florida is that only one hospital organization - though it is a biggie (Mayo) lists in their job requirements that the ARNP should be AANC certified, yet I know from colleagues that they hire AANP certified practitioners as well.

I did the APEA test bank, a couple random study books, quizzing with a friend, and the Barkley and associates review course in Tampa....I love the Barkley course and truly feel like if that was the only thing I had done that I would have passed no problems.

The biggest thing is to given yourself 2-4 weeks to study prior to taking test(s).

Good luck! Sara

I think you mean ANCC, the AANC is different. I will be doing the Barkley live course in November prior to graduation and looking forward to it. I am also doing the online portion right now and it is very good.

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saracarver3, thank you for information. I have already started the Leik review, but have heard good things about Barkely and will probably add that to my program.

Hello all. Taking the adult gero aanp in 3 weeks. Any pointers. Thanks.

The Barkley Review can be done online or live, I'm doing both because our program makes us do the online one.

I took the AANP family exam and passed first try. if you studied well you will think it is easy however, if you did not you will think its hard. check out this video for tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAUahzHXw7A

I did purchase two predictor exams from APEA. took one before I studied and one after I was done reviewing everything prior to taking the exam.

Hi Sha-Sha,

This is completely off topic but there was no way to send you a private message so I had to do it here. I am graduating from Stony Brooks Adult NP program in May. I wanted to know how you studied for your mandatory comprehensive exam at the end of the program and how did you find the exam overall? Completely terrified of the exam. If you can give me tips as to how you studied, I would really appreciate it. Also was the review course and the quizzes we are required to take helpful?? Thanks.