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I recently graduated from CRNA school and will be starting a new job shortly. I will be working for a small ACT group and was informed by my future co-workers that the group does not cover the cost of AANA membership. We do get some money...maybe $2000/yr? toward continuing ed. It's important to me to maintain my membership after school. I read in another post on here that the cost of renewal is the same cost as the membership so financially it makes no difference. Can anyone expound upon that please? I would like to find a way to use my continuing ed money toward my AANA membership even if it needs to be in a roundabout way. Thanks everyone.


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I am not sure exactly what you are asking. AANA membership and CRNA Recertification are separate, and are two different entities. One of the benefits of membership in the AANA however, it that they keep track of your CEUs and transfer them over to the NBCRNA database for you. It is a huge benefit. If you are not a member, you pay a huge fee to the NBCRNA to account for your CEUs. And it is a huge hassle. That alone, as well as the % of your membership fees that get sent to your state organization, make AANA membership worth it.


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Yes, you can use CE money towards an AANA Membership.


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As someone early in your career, the future success of the AANA is vital to your professional life. The only way the AANA is successful is through the participation of CRNAs. All CRNAs should be members as the minimum participation. The state associations receive dues through the AANA membership. Possibily in your future you will be able to serve on a state or national committee, board of directors, officer etc.

Please maintain your membership.