I recently graduated from Bergen community college with my AA in Liberal Arts. I've decided that I want to go into nursing and instead of to RN to BSN I want to explore the options that my AA degree could provide for me. This semester I'm finishing up the prerequisites for the nursing program. I would like to go straight into a BSN program, but I'm wondering where I would stand as far as transferring and credits with my AA. How long my program would be since I already have an AA? Is it worth doing RN to BSN? Or could I finish faster going straight to a BSN program? Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

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This is a query for the admissions & nursing advisors at the BSN programs you are interested in applying to. There are many BSN programs in NJ. State schools have articulation agreements to accept appropriate credits from community colleges. Start with the schools directly plus each school may have different pre-req and GPA requirements

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