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A W on my transcript?

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Hey guys, so very very long story short, I am currently a biology undergraduate in my third year of college and I have a pretty mediocre gpa, which I am planning on raising by the time I apply to nursing school. I'm doing pretty good on all my classes except for a Sociology course i'm enrolled in (I don't need it for my degree, but I decided to take it in order to take criminology next year as an elective, big mistake). I got a C in the first exam (there are only two) and after talking to the proffesor he told me the highest my grade could go is a B. So far I have a 4.0 GPA in my non science courses, this would be my first B. If I stick with the class and get a B my cGPA would be 3.35 whereas if I drop it it would be a 3.41, with the W on my transcript. I'm aware W's are only recommended if you're failing a class, but since my GPA is already so low and vulnerable, i'm not sure what would be most beneficial for me.

I'd love some advice from you guys and any thoughts on my situation. Essentially, torn between that 0.06 GPA difference versus how a W would look on my transcript (it would also be my first W).

Thank you!


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First of all, your GPA is not that bad. I would suggest that you drop it, unless you are confident enough to earn a B in this course. What if you are not able to get a B, and, let's say, you earned a C? Your GPA will truly suffer in this case. By dropping the course your GPA will not dramatically change. Since it is your first W, not a big deal.

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I have 2 Ws on my transcript and they were both in pre-req courses (Biology and Chemistry) and I managed to get into the only ABSN program I applied to.

A W is not a death sentence especially if it's in non-pre-req courses.


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