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I was working peds ICU 2 years out of nursing school. One of our little patients had expired. We brought the family in to be with the little girl. Well, they were all crying, and one of them tore off a piece of the eggcrate mattress and said "and this would have been just like cake to her", and they all started wailing. We, the nurses, found out later the little girl had the pica thing going for foam rubber.


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hmmmm... just not sure of how to respond


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She ATE foam rubber??

I wonder what the cause of death was.



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I guess she just didn't "bounce back." Groan...

Kevin McHugh


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Originally posted by kmchugh

I guess she just didn't "bounce back." Groan...

Kevin McHugh

that's egggzactly what i wuz gonna say,,,,


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It's been so long ago I don't remember why she died; I just remember the aftermath.

Enjoyed the responses:D

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