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I want to thank all of you who responded to my which house post. You just helped confirm to both my husband and I what was already in our hearts. He started with alot of the research on it today. It was built in 1893. According to city records it is valued at $111,000. The guy we will be buying it from bought it through his wife who is a realtor for $30,000 he got a tax break because he took some sort of depreciation waver which means he was taxed on a lesser rate because he was going to work on it and not live in it. And he has, he has put on a completely new 30 yr roof, layed a new sidewalk in front of the house and added a drive way. Anyway we meet with the bank next Thurs. and if all goes well we may be in it by Christmas. So now does anyone know where I can go online for ideas for designing the kitchen I kind of want to stick with the 1893 period as much as possible. I am so excited but a little scared. I told DH last night that my biggest concern is that with my fibro/lupus I am often down and may not be much help to him. Do you know what my wonderful man said. He said you are the brains and I am the brawn so take off your clothes and tell me what you want done. Is that not the sweetest thing ever. Anyway nothing is definate yet but we feel good about this thing. I want you all to know I really appreciate that you all cared enough to give us your in put it meant alot to both of us and made the decision alot less scary. I know it is not going to be easy but we are going to love it. Thank you.


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Yeah!!!!!! What an exciting adventure and chapter of your life that will unfold!!!!!!

I hope everything works out and you are able to move in, no troubles!!!!!

My favorite places in the world is the Kitchen and Bath sections of Home Depot and Lowe's. That's a good place to start looking at what is out there, how to combine tile with cabinets, etc.

Also pick up any home decorating magazine, you'll get tons of ideas.

The most important thing about buying any home is "feeling good about it".

True, older homes may not be as large or as well laid out as newer ones, but they have so many unique characteristics that you just cannot find now a days. My house has 11 foot high ceilings, Really tall baseboards, hardwood floors throughout and a stain glass window in the main staiwell. Those are things that you cannot find in today's home.

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