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A question and my story

I was in an RN program and during my last few courses i became very ill. I had to take some time off from school to rehab before coming back to finish the courses that I recieved an "I" or incomplete in. The area in which i attended school is very rural and the healthcare facilites that my doctors say i need are just not availble outside of a big city. Although i am in good standing with my former school, words were exchanged during my ordeal and i dont feel comfortable returning to that institution.

I have read that i can 'challenge' to sit for my LPN boards in certain states however i am missing the last 3 required courses to do so (PEDS, Womens Health, and Psych Nursing). My old school is doing the barest minimum to help me transfer and all the schools in the big city, Atlanta, are all saying that i either need to start all over as they wont take transfer credits in from another professional school(even with the course syllabi ) or they have a waiting list that is a year+ long. So my question is this, does anyone know of any intitution that will allow me to complete these last 3 courses so that i can atleast attain my LPN license and move on with the next step in my life?

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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There are a couple of states that will allow you to challenge the LPN/LVN boards if certain qualifications are met, but the LPN licensure you receive is often limited, and can never be endorsed to any other states.

This may not be the advice you'd like to particularly hear, but I suggest you complete the last 3 courses at the school where you're feeling uncomfortable. When you look back years from now, you hopefully won't regret sucking it up and taking the courses.

Good luck with whatever you decide!


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I agree with the Commuter. I'm currently completing the 3rd semester of my ADN program (I'm doing the LVN upgrade program at my college). One of the girls in my class, who was also doing the LVN upgrade, was asked to leave because she questioned everything her clinical instructor told her to do, i.e. as a student, make sure you give insulin with the RN being present, etc. In any case, she's having a hard time finding another school that would accept her into their program because she was kicked off another program.

So the best thing to do is to go back to your previous school, finish what you started, keep your mouth shut and do what they tell you to do. Ultimately the goal is to get your RN. Good-luck!

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