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Once again, I am needing to pick the collective brains on this board.

Does anyone have any links for a reflective technique called Gibbs Relective cycle, which was written in 1988 I think.

I have tried looking on, ask.co.uk, hotbot.com, lycos.co.uk, BT.com, uk.yahoo.com, as well as searching my Universities libary.

The only 'real' hit I have had went back to an online essay on http://www.cybernurse.org.uk which is where I haerd about Gibbs from in the first place.

Can anyone help please?

Sorry for always asking questions.



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Sorry can't help you whisper....not sure what it is you're referring to?!?!


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Thanks anyway Kelligrl,

I am not sure if Amercican students have to keep a reflective diary, we have to keep a journal of what we have done each day on placement, and think on it, evalutae it and then say what we have learnt from it. I also include any 'homework' type questions such as a depot injection was mentioned on placement but i didn't know what one was so I went and looked it up and then put into my reflections what a depot injection is.

However, next semester we have to write essays on our reflections, and choose a model to adapt our reflections to and the Gibbs model is the best one I have come across, so naturally I can not find it anywhere. and just wondered if anyone could help?

An example of the type of essay I will have to write can be found here :


Flicking your eyes over that may be more helpful than me whittering on.



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I went to school in the US, and we did have to keep a journal, which involved researching the disorders we saw and various other things- like when I assisted with a Swan-Ganz insertion, I did a paragraph or two on the PA catheter and why it is used etc. but we never had to base it on any nursing theory. Would the theory not be laid out in some text book, or back issue of Nursing Spectrum??


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I have never heard of nursing spectrum, but I am presuming it is a journal, I have tried looking in text books but since the model I am after is 1988, I am having trouble finding it. I have searched the archives for nursing standard, and nursing times articles relting to rflection but non mention this model.

So I thought I might have had better luck on line, however that is proving difficult as well, We don't have to base our reflcetions on the a theory of reflection writing, Until we modify it for the essay, which will be set later this year. I was just trying to get a head start... Which doesn't seem to be working, so I think I will set my essay on another model where I can at least find a book or proper refference for it.


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Thanks everyone.

I have now found the book.:) :)

And thank you Student Sandra I never realised how many more hits Google.com got, compared to google.co.uk

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