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I'm not a nurse but I had a question, that I was hoping nurses could help me out with.

The scenerio. Due to a hospital accident a person has minimal brain damage and epilepsy. He's older and he takes Tegretol, and only occassionally.

I thought an epileptic had to take their medication everyday. Also did Tegretol come in liquid form back in the late 80's? Another question, what color is Tegretol?

I hope i'm not intruding since i'm not a nurse but I really needed these questions answered. Thanks!


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I can't imagine only taking siezure meds occasionally.

Tegetol does come in liqiud and is orange. Don't know what color it was in 1988.


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The liquid is orange? What color are the actual pills? Sorry if my questions are annoying. :blush


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Depends on the manufacturer. I've seen white and white with pink specks (looks and smells like certs). There are also offwhite triangular shaped tablets. I've never seen capsules. You try talking to a pharmacist.


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Never take antiepileptics occasionaly!!!!!!!! It can be very dangerous. You must take as prescribed. Tegretol comes in a liquid, chewable tablets, and regular tablets. It does come in a capsule form, but it is called Carbatrol.


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As a nurse and mother of a severe epileptic YOU NEVER skip or playaround with these meds. They absolutely have to be taken as directed.

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