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I have been a California RN for 7 years and have been in good standing (professionally and as a citizen). The thing in my history is a speeding ticket. Now, I got a restraining order based on false allegations which was dropped. My question is. Does this affect my status in BRN? Does this make my job mobility (i.e. Applying to another facility or job)? It has been awhile since I applied for another facililty. As far as I remember, Part of job application questionare includes something like have you been in court or accuse of any crime. I know there is a question that says Have you been convicted of any crime?. How will this affect me and my future? Please any input will be appreaciated.



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questions we seem to be encountering more and more often have to do with the effects of a criminal history on nursing licensure:

  • is it possible to become licensed as a nurse if you have a criminal history and if so, can i get a job?
  • is it possible to become licensed as a nurse if you have a mip, dui, or other related charges?
  • what happens if you are charged or convicted of a crime after licensure?
  • can i go to nursing school and/or be licensed/be employed if my record has been sealed or expunged?
  • what if i have a “deferred adjudication”? will i have to declare this as a conviction?
  • will i be able to go to nursing school and/or attend clinicals with a criminal record?
  • what can happen if i receive a mip/dui/dwi or other charge while still in school?

these are questions that the members of allnurses.com cannot answer. the only reliable source of information is your state board of nursing.

if you are currently licensed as a nurse and have been charged with or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor including dui/dwi or any criminal offense, you need to contact the bon in every state you hold a license/wish to be licensed and ask their reporting requirements.

so, in saying this, only your bon will be able to answer your questions about being accused of (charged with) this and licensure.

good luck.

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