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I am a pre-nursing student. I am currently in A&P1. I feel like I will never make it through it. I feel like everything is entirely over my head, I've never had a class this intense before. How can I study effectively and actually remember this stuff? Also, I understand this is the foundation of any medical field---how can I determine if the medical field is for me since I am so overwhelmed w/ A&P??? Any comments will be appreciated. smile.gif

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Lots of new students are overwhelmed by A and P. It is a difficult course. I know, because I was the lab assistant for both A & P for 3 years during school.I have watched many a bright student flounder with all the material in A&P. The concepts in physiology are very important- how can you understand kidney disease if you don't understand how a healthy kidney works? This is what I did when I took A & P. I put all sorts of information on index cards. I broke down all the concepts into bite sized pieces, yes- I had well over 1000 cards when the class was over! but I carried say 10-20 cards around with me, and reviewed when i stood in line at the bookstore, or for registration, etc....Other people recommend taping the classes and listening to the tapes in the car. Break down the concepts into several related pieces, learn the pieces and how they fit together. Try to get with a study buddy or group who has the same interest level. Being overwhelmed by this class is not unusual! Good Luck.

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Thanks for the advice....hopefully it will work!!

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