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A New Graduate Nurse is looking for a job in Houston.

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in may 2010, i will graduate from the austin community college with an associate degree of applied science in nursing. now i sincerely and cordially apply for a position as a graduate nurse in houston. i obtained b.s and m.s. degrees in china, and also have nine years of bedside clinical experience in chinese hosptials.

i want to find a job in houston. anybody has some information regarding (intership) positions for the new graduate nurse in houston? appreciate!


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There are job opportunities for new grads in Houston; it is competitive, but there are a lot of residency programs. However, all of the application due dates have passed, or at least the ones that I am aware of. It would have been to your benefit to begin the search in Jan/Feb. Don't fret, a new but smaller round of residency programs will start in late August/September. Start looking sooner rather than later!


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If you dont like the hospital and you want to work in the community setting you can apply at KIPP charter school as a nurse.

Apply www.kipphouston.org under student support services!

I'm a new ASN grad in Houston and the internship programs usually start in June and the deadline for application to the programs were back in March. Apparently, some hopsitals go to some of the nursing schools to recruit from the area and since I didn't go to a traditional program, I didn't know they did this. I suggest calling around like I did and some of the HR people told me that some directors will hire new grads but it's on a case by case basis. I've been an LVN for 13 yrs and they're treating me like I have zero experience just because I'm a new RN. Good luck with your search. (By the way, be aware that some hospitals in the Houston Med Center only hire BSNs now)