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I'm a CCU nurse working for the second smallest hospital in Mass. Right now, our staffing is at an all time low. I'm working extra days per week in an attempt to fill in some of the holes, and I'm feeling a little burnt!!!

Time for some diversional activites!!

So . . . I've just spent a little time working on the TOO LIVE NURSE web site. (Believe it or not, it's a pleasant diversional activity for me!) I want to share with you some things that made me smile. The first is a little visual humor called Lung Butter.

The second is a little musical humor calledSarie Gamp's Enema Camp. This is an MP3 file, and, depending on your computer and modem speed, may take a few seconds to load.

Check out my web site!TOO LIVE NURSE



Ted Fiebke, RN

[email protected]

P.S. If you would like to work as a CCU nurse at a very small community hospital, please feel free to contact me. There's at least three full time positions available!!!

Ted :)

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After a friend emailed me about Too Live Nurse a couple of months ago I visited the website and found it wonderful! I hope others will visit it as well. Perhaps posting a thread with that name in it would get more there. It is worth the visit!

Yes, that site is a hoot. Hope they don't mind if I take a bit from it...This one struck my funny bone for some reason.


Top Ten U.S. Medications, 2000 Survey

10. (Tie) The one that starts with an "S"

10. (Tie) A heart pill

9. Name a few - I'll know it if I hear it

8. I just took it for five days

7. You know, the one that makes me pee

6. The one I need more of

5. Don't you have my chart

4. The one you break in half

3. White one shaped like a "V"

2. Small pink round pill1

1. Little blue pill

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