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Did anybody else watch ER tonight? How about that delivery in the ER?! I wish these guys would do a LITTLE more research-to find out that most ERs send anybody "with child" to labor and delivery at the first chance they get! Put aside the ethical issue they tried to indroduce about mom refusing the c-section. Assuming mom was abrupting and baby's heart-tones were going down-how many of you have seen a patient who wasn't even contracting at 32 (was it?) weeks go from assumed closed/thick/high to complete and delivering in time for the ER doc (HaHa!) to pronounce time of death for after delivery?! rolleyes.gif Some stuff to make us laugh! And how about his order for betamethasone when he was "planning" on a stat c-section! Wonder what ER nurses think about moments like that on the show...

Quite hilarious!! I've worked L&D for a LONG time now, and having a primip deliver that quickly is RARE!!! I know exactly what you mean about the ER sending up anyone who's pregnant; what's really entertaining are those phone calls "We're sending her right up because she's huffing and puffing, about to have the baby"...and they're 1 cm!!!!

It makes you wonder where they get their info?!?!?!?!?!?!?! tongue.gif:

It sort of became rule of thumb that if someone in the ER checked a laboring mom and said she was "COMPLETE!", she was 1 cm and if they said she was "5-6cm.", that's probably what they saw crowning!!


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Ouch, as an ER nurse that hurt!!. In our hospital, we desperately try not to deliver, but I do have to say you L&D nurses have helped me out several times...the term pt who was a full arrest - the emergency C-section, the 22 week footling breech that delivered in the car (I was the triage nurse).

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