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I am a 23m and I was wondering if any experienced nurses could give me some idea of what I would be getting into if I were to become an RN and specialize in pediatrics. I really like being around kids a lot, I always have, and kids love to climb all over me (i'm 6'6'') and let me throw them around (playfully). I don't want to be a teacher becuase I don't like how our school system is in this country but I do want to work with kids and help people. I have such a good feeling about doing this and I am ready to go for it as soon as I find a school I want to go to. What is it like to work in pediatrics?


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What direction/classes should I take to focus on peds? or are all nursing classes the same?


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Originally posted by KidsLuvMe

What direction/classes should I take to focus on peds? or are all nursing classes the same?

The program I am entering in the fall is a general program where you do not specialize. They try to give us experience in everything. It's my understanding that most undergraduate nursing programs are like this. So, you probably won't have an opportunity to focus on peds while you're in school, but you could certainly work in that area upon graduation. I've spoken with a few guys who worked in peds and they just loved. The kids also seemed to like them alot.

Wish I had more to offer. Good luck!



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I think that it is great that you want to go into pediatrics. As Todd already stated nursing school will just give you a broad overview of all the nursing specialties. When I was in school I knew that I wanted to work with kids or babies.

There are lots of opportunities in pediatrics. You could work in the ER, pedi ICU, OR, a general pedi. floor, or a pedi. outpatient clinic. You could even work as a transport/flight nurse. While you are in school you could work as a CNA/tech in a Children's hospital or you could just volunteer so you can get more exposure to pediatrics. When you graduate there will likely be a variety of internships at the big Children's hospitals.

It takes a lot of patience and a nonjudgemental attitude to work in pediatrics, but as long as you have a heart for kids and an interest in medicine you will love it.

Good luck to you!!


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Thank you both for your responses :-)

It is very encouraging to know that there are a lot of opportunities in Pediatrics.

I'm looking forward to a new, challenging, and exciting career.



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Loads of opportunity in Peds...belive it or not few nurses want to work there.

I avoided Peds for years because I do NOT like children. I got hooked about 5 years ago and have since realized that what I don't like are un-ruley kids...and sick kids are not as a group an un-ruley bunch.

Funny thing is...most every Peds nurse I know is what you might call "unconservitive" in their appearance (under their scrubs) or their casual lifestyles or are big burley guys.


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I am just now gettting into fitness, but I can see myself as a big burley peds nurse :-)

And as far as the unconservative appearance... well, I will just say that I liked to skateboard a lot when I was a kid :-)

Sounds like the place for me.

Thanks for the insight :-)


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Hey, KidsLuvMe:

I think you would be great in Peds. I have been a nurse now for 26 years. I am have been working in Peds since I graduated as an RN. I did many other specialties while an LVN. I was an LVN for 17 years. My belief is that it takes a special heart to works in Peds. You have to truely understand that these little guys are scared and need someone who can get them through that time they are sick. Many parents are unable to stay with their sick children due to other children or jobs. It takes a lot of patience, creativity, love and compassion to be a good pedi nurse. I think you would be great. Most of the challenge is knowing which specialty you think you want to be in!! Good luck in whatever you choose!! We can use more men like you in this field.

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