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I just received a book that I ordered and I have already found a lot of useful information in it. It's titled 1001 Nursing Tips and Timesavers. Some chapters include: Staff information, The patient, Emergencies, Collecting Specimens, etc... . I think this book will prove valuable to both student and practicing nurses and is a great addition to your professional library. I can't wait to read the whole text!

Happy Nursing~Angie


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hi nurseangie! Thanks for posting that book. Could you tell me who the author is? I also just wanted to add that I ordered a book that is great. It is called, "Just the Facts- A Pocket Guide to Basic Nursing." It is by Ronnie Peterson. It has everything you need (facts, calculations, abbreviations, anatomy,measurements, etc.) It is perfect to pop in your pocket for clinicals.


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I bought myself the "Chicken Soup" book for Nurses yesterday, and read it all last night.....

Cried through most of it, shook my head at some of the stories, thought, "Been there, done that" to some, and laughed at some.

Overall one of the best books I ever read.



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Specializes in Perinatal/neonatal.

I guess the author info. woulf help, huh??? Sorry:D

There are many contributors to the book (many of whom I recognize from Nursing Mag.), so no author on the cover.

The publisher is Springhouse and my copy is the 3rd edition. (The ISBN: 0-87434-850-1 ) I orederd mine from the Nurses Station, but I 'll bet you can find it elsewhere.

I have found several good things (tips on how to do things and make things for patient use in order to save them money on supplies, etc...). I think the book cost a little too much (around $22, I think) , but you never know when you can use it to make your nursing life a little simpler. :)

Happy Nursing~Angie

P.S. ~Marla, I love the Chicken Soup books!

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