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A future RN

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Okay so I'm fifteen years old. I figured out what I wanted to do when I was about twelve years old. I want to become a RN. My mom is a RN and I'm following in her footsteps. I am taking a class in highschool right now that is the basics of nursing, its a pretty neat class. This summer I'm gonna take an internship (I get to because of the class I'm taking in high school)!

But to me high school is so boring. Do you ever feel like you just want to hurry up and get to some point in your life? Well i've been feeling that way for some time. ANYONE who is in the nursing field or studying in the nursing field; i look up to you and can't wait till i get there some day.

I'm thinking about graduating a year early. Any advice?


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I too thought that highschool was boring except for the class I took on nursing. I took a class where we learned basic medical terminology, cpr, basic patient care and etc. This was my junior year and we got to take all our classes in the morning and then work a job in the afternoons. That helped keep me motivated.

However, I maybe shouldn't tell you this but I was still so bored that I dropped out of school and got my GED. I had been an honors student all my life and I was just bored to tears. I knew what I wanted to do, be a nurse, and knew that I could go on to college with my GED. And that is exactly what I did. However, I ended up wasting alot of time because once I got to college I wasn't sure if nursing was really what I wanted to do. My mom is a nurse too and I had known all my life that is what I wanted to do, but when it came time to do it, I found myself very unsure of myself.

In some ways I regret getting my GED and in some ways I think you might regret graduating early. I misses out on prom and walking across the stage to get my diploma with my friends. I am now going to get the chance with my nursing friends to walk across the stage when I do finally graduate from nursing school but it isn't the same as highschool.

I guess my best advice would be to stay in school and take your time. I thought that I was mature and grown up and in alot of ways I was, but I still wasn't ready. Yes things could be different for you, but learn from my lesson and take it slow. You have your entire life ahead of you. Do now what will prepare you for an easy transition into college. Sounds like you are doing that and are on your way. Continue with your class and do the internship. See how that goes. You could also see about doing some volunteer work after school or on the weekends at the hosptial right now.

Good luck!

zipadeezoe, BSN, RN

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I felt exaclty the same way you do. I was an A/B student (~3.8 gpa) and I was so sick of high school. I felt like I was not learning what I wanted to learn, so why was I doing it.

I left HS early as well. After 2.5 years at that school I took the California High School Proficency Examination, which allowed me to get a certificate that is the "equivalent of a high school diploma" in california.

Now, I had other reasons that contributed to this decision. A lot of my friends in high school were older than me, so by the time I was a junior, they had all graduated pretty much. My school was kind of divided as well.. you were either really smart, and spend all you time studying... or you were the popular kids who partied, drank and got high every weekend.. and I did not want to be either.

My boyfriend of two years, freshman and sophomore year, and I split up, and I started dating someone who was homeschooled and went to the local JC anyways. I know its stupid to make a decision based on boys, but this was just a tiny part of many things that pushed me to make this choice.

The simple fact was, I was not happy at high school. I wanted to be doing something that made me look foreward to my future. Everyone told me that I would regret it. So far, I feel like it is the best decision I've ever made. I started going to the local JC when i was 16, taking prenursing classes and preparing for nursing school.

Now, I am in no way encouraging you to do this, but for ME, it was the right choice. I know I would not have enjoyed the rest of my high school career. Now, everyday, I wake up and look foreward (as well as get stressed out about) to my future. I can't wait to go to nursing school.

You just have to figure out what the best decision for you is. But please, enjoy yourself. The only downside to my decision is that I did not keep in close contact with many of my high school friends, as they are busy with their life, and I am busy with mine. I still see them from time to time. Do not make a deciscion like this to simply "get there faster", enjoy being a teenager. But if you do truly feel that you would be happier, and would not be sacrificing anything, you may want to take it into consideration.

Another possibility, since I know you want to get a head start, is to become a CNA. I don't know what the requirements are in Georgia, but in California you have to be 16 to take the state test and there are lots of programs available. That way you can get a head start, stay in high school, and it will look REALLY good when you start applying to nursing schools down the line, plus you will get TONS of great experience. (I'm taking a CNA class in december-feb).

Feel free to ask me ANYTHING if you have any more questions.

Sorry, I know this was a lot to read, but I hope it helped! Good Luck!


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Wow thank both! That gave me quite the perspective on both sides. Yeah high school is not hard as in ciriculum wise but I just get so fed up with the people and the way some people treat me. I guess you could say I'm in between the popular kids and the nerd kids. I'm a little bit of both..although like you zar963 I would rather be neither. In college I figure myself as someone who will be studying quite alot but won't be afraid to have fun. My brother is in college right now and I envy him alot. I just don't think highschool is for me. I make A's and B's and I am pretty mature, although I am very funny and laugh a whole lot.

Yeah, I was thinking about walking across the stage for graduation but I don't really like all the people in my class, I like maybe fifty or sixty out of like six hundred. So i figured why waste my time and walk with a bunch of people i don't like?

But I'm very scared that I will miss out on a bunch but I'm hoping that once I get out of high school and move on I will be happier.

I'm also very scared though because well i'm very mature for my age, or atleast i think so and I really don't want to get messed up in college; if you know what i mean.

By moving onto college won't i be moving too fast, and possibly get myself into trouble?

Well these are just thoughts I've been having.

You have both helped me in alot!!

txnursingqt: How did things turn out for you? I mean getting your GED earlier and everything? Were you happier?

I get unsure at times, I don't even know what specilties I would like to work in...but I am a thinker.

Thanks for wishing me luck; I'm very excited about my internship! It sounds like you and I are very much alike. I appreciate your advice, I just can't wait till im out on my own!!

How old are you both? and are you both working?

I would like to get some perspective on nurisng jobs and what its like to be a RN!

zipadeezoe, BSN, RN

Has 3 years experience. Specializes in Surgical ICU, Cardiac/Surgical Telemetry.

I'm young, still doing my prereqs at my jc. I'm going to apply to nursing school next year for Fall 2010.. seems like a long ways away. I'm going to get my certified nursing assistant (CNA) license soon, so I'll be working while I do my prereqs.

If you are still having doubts about whether or not to leave high school, I would not leave. You don't want to leave, and go to a community college to find out that you regret your decision and have lost contact with all of your friends. You have to be positive that this will be the right choice for you. For me, there is of course the downside to not being in highschool, but in my experience, the good deffinately outweighs the bad.

I was thinking, I don't know how busy that summer internship will keep you, but you may want to think about taking some classes at a local community college. Get a jump start on your prereqs for nursing school, such as psychology or sociology or even some sciences if you feel up to it. This way you can stay in school and be working toward nursing at the same time. Don't overwhelm yourself out get burnt out though. I'd still reccomend doing a CNA training program if there is one available to you. I think you would really enjoy it and you'd get lots of experience, see nurses work, and it will look good on applications and help you prepare for all of the basics of nursing school.

Oh also, I have no idea what my specialty will be either. plus your young, you'll probably need experence before you can truly decide. most people wait till nursing school before they decide, so don't stress about it. At this point, at your age, it does not matter right now.


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Thanks so much for all your help. I appreciate it. Yeah, I feel stupid asking but what is a CNA?

Yeah, I would have to give it alot of thought before I did something like that. Well, I'm gald your young too. : ) ha, we can relate to each other.

zipadeezoe, BSN, RN

Has 3 years experience. Specializes in Surgical ICU, Cardiac/Surgical Telemetry.

Thanks so much for all your help. I appreciate it. Yeah, I feel stupid asking but what is a CNA?

Yeah, I would have to give it alot of thought before I did something like that. Well, I'm gald your young too. : ) ha, we can relate to each other.

Yeah, I'm only 18 and I can't help feeling like I just want to get into nursing as soon as I can. One step at a time. ;)

CNA = Certified Nursing Assistant

They do patient care, and work for nurses. Help with feeding, bathing, assisting with going to the bathroom, making beds, taking vital signs, etc. All basic care tasks.


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Where do you live? I live in Georgia. Yeah, so are you in college? What type of specilty are you going to go in? (if you know.) Well, they don't have very many fifteen year olds on this website. So sometimes i feel a little numbered out..

I just got back from the movies. I went and saw highschool musical 3. Corny i know but it was good.

zipadeezoe, BSN, RN

Has 3 years experience. Specializes in Surgical ICU, Cardiac/Surgical Telemetry.

I live in northern california. I go to the local community college. I don't know what my specialty will be yet, I want to wait to get into nursing school before I decide, probably critical care. I'm just working on prereqs now, one step at a time :rolleyes:

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