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Hello all nurses!

I used to post on here a lot when I was qualifying, no longer have access to the old account ? Well I'm all grown up now and I have an interview for a band 7 post in an A&E in the UK where I have worked as band 6.

We have to do a presentation on how we, as team managers, would make sure we maintain our own continued professional development. Now, I have to admit, I found this a strange topic. I was expecting something to do with perhaps managing new overseas nurses or service improvement but here we are.

How would you fine people interpret this? I'm currently running with the ideas of self learning - Im a big fan of RCNi learning and quite often do extra courses online just for learnings sake. I've already asked our education link to put my name down for an accredited leadership course at the local university, having already completed an in-house one. This is something I requested when I was still in my "I'm not applying for the 7" phase. I'm a little stumped to be honest on how to tackle this.

As a side note, I hope that last few months haven't been too hard on you all. Stay safe xx

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Just a thought but does your university do an MBA or similar? I did an external management course years ago and found it much more interesting (and useful) than the NHS ones and as a band 7 good management is, or should be, your raison d'etre.

I got fed up working with people who couldn't spell management never mind do it.?

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Hi there, it may be helpful to think about what professional development means to you as a nurse.and not just formal training programmes Here are my thoughts

Transition into a new role, what will you need

Attendance at meetings such as mortality reviews, service reviews, Serious incident debriefs and learning from that

Learning from inspection reports not just for your area but across your organisation and other organisations as well

Department audits, what can you learn and how can you share this learning

Preparation and delivery of teaching and training sessions

Thats just a start hope it helps