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Has anyone ever heard that benzocaine ggts are bad for your ears? I had my son to the doc today and told him I had been using these for comfort and he said NEVER to use them in the ear. That he was sure no ear throat and nose doc would have prescribed them b/c the are damaging to the ear. Okay I have had a billion ear infections in my life and have ALWAYS gotten scripts for these drops am I missing something here? I have done a brief web search to find something that concurs with his opinion but have gotten nowhere. Anyone else know anything about this?


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My daughter has had 3 ear infections and her doctor has always gave those drops to me and told me to use them for her. I've never heard any different and I'm sure that she would have told me something if she didn't want to give them. The pediatrician seems to be very cautious about what she will prescribe. I know other people that swear by those drops and use them for their ears.. Got me on that one..


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I thought I had never seen or heard of them being used until I found some brand names (Alurgan,Otogesic).

The only thing I found is that they are contraindicated in preforated eardrum.

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