A&P 2 in a 4 week summer course? HELP


I'm taking A&P 2 right now in a 4 week period. We have 2 tests a week. All of the tests are fill in the blank/short answer. Has anyone else survived this? Do you have any survival/study tips? Lol.

I'm taking AP 1 in a 6 week course now and It's hell. So I can only imagine 4 week. I do know a friend who has done this and received an A . He said that he had to drop all his other courses so he could pass this class . That's really difficult and in order to be really successful you need to not have any other courses with it and be really determined.

Sorry , but as for study tips you need to get the syllabus now and the textbook and begin reading and get some anatomy flash cards from amazon or something and begin studying the chapters a head of time . Other than that good luck :) wish you all the best .


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A&P2 is a little different from A&P1 - I found that making flashcards didn't help as much, because it's very comprehensive and requires understanding body processes rather than memorizing body parts. I didn't take it over the summer, but I did get an A. I'd suggest reading each of the chapters 2 or 3 times, highlighting key elements, and even writing notes from the book - these things encourage active reading, and seemed to be immensely helpful for me. It will take up a huge amount of time, but it'll be so worth it.

I also copied the lecture slides by hand - writing things down helped me learn the information more easily.


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I did this last summer, got an A-. Was it easy hell no. You must eat breathe sleep A&P. For lab I took pictures of the models, printed out the pictures then labeled them with numbers. Then I would test myself. That is how I passed lab with a 98%. Then you have lecture which was half of the grade. I just kept reading and reading and reading the material. If I was lost I would talk with the professor right away. BTW I did it with 5 kids (my youngest was 6 months old who was also breastfed). I couldn't work during that time.


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Wow. I took A&P 2 last semester and got a B!! I could never imagine completing that course work in 4 weeks. Just like shannonberry11 said, its not about memorization but comprehensions. I wrote down EVERYTHING and studied day and night! Good Luck :)

My God! I would avoid it like the plague and take it over a longer semester. Take it in the fall or at least take it alone.