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I'm new here and currently working on my prerequisites for entry into Mt. San Jacinto RN program. I see at Mt San Jacinto the science prerequisites are 5 units each (for A&P I, II, and Microbiology.) I'm going to have a baby by the end of the year so taking these online at Clovis.edu is my first choice next semester. Did any of you have trouble transferring 4 unit prerequisite courses to schools who offer them for 5 units? Is there anybody in California who has successfully used Clovis or other online science prereq's for entry? I've tried to email the department head of nursing at San Jacinto but knowing other personal experiences would ease my worries a bit.

Thanks so much!:redbeathe

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I would be slightly wary. Units is usually a certain amount of hours for a particular class. a 4 unit class would be two four hour days each week, a 5 unit class would be two 5 hour days twice a week. (this is just an example) Because of the amount of units, it would possibly not transfer. I attended MSJC for a bit, and took my anatomy and physiology classes there, they do have some wonderful teachers. As far as an official on the prereqs, you'd have to contact the nursing program, which you have already done.

Good luck!

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