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And how exactly does one memorize the 103 bones of the skull?

Anyone got any cute mnemonic devices for this one?



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It has been quite a while since I took A & P, but I definitely don't remember 103 bones in the skull. There are the frontals, parietals, and occipital. I may have missed one...

Then there are the facial bones, of which there are several. I have no pnemonic for them, but suggest that you learn the top ones, then the bottom ones. Of course, don't forget the nasal bones, and the turbinates. The way I remembered which was the maxilla and mandible was that the mandible had a "\d" in it, thus it was on the "down" side of the jaw.

Don't know if they are included on your test, but C1 and C2 are aka "Atlas" and "axis". Atlas holds the weight of the world (skull) and axis allows movement.

Study your books, your notes, and your coloring book, if you have one. Make copies of diagrams of the skull/face without identifiers, and then try to fill in as many as possible. Check yourself, study some more, and do it again until you know those bones and diagrams.

Good luck!


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My a&p instructor always told us that if you want to remember something, make it personal or make it dirty. To remember the cranial nerves and if they are sensory, motor or both, my instructor told us his way of remembering...

I-s, II-s, III-m, IV-m, V-b, VI-m, VII-b, VIII-s, IX-b, X-b, XI-m, XII-m

Some salesman make money, but my brother says big boobs make more.

I'll never forget that now. Just go through and somehow make it personal or silly like that one or dirty. My friends and I made up a really bad one that can't be printed but I'll never forget exactly what each cranial nerve is called and with that one above, I know what they do.

Good luck!

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