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A&P I and II in same semester


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I am applying to a school that requires A&P I and II to be taken at the same institution. I have the opportunity to take them together this semester. I have already taken Anatomy as a class and Physiology as a separate class. But many schools are not accepting my Anatomy class because it was not taken in the A & P format. I am trying to get in to a 2nd degree program. My grades are good (3.4), not great. Would it be too much to take AP I and II and Micro in the same semster? Is it worth it to go to the trouble of retaking these courses?

I am committed to becoming a nurse. I have a wonderful job as an extern in MI. I have been applying to 2nd degree programs for a year now with little luck. I would like to stay in state so I can still work on weekends and holidays, but I am willing to go out of state.

Has anyone heard of nursing schools that have 2nd degree programs in the start-up phase?

Sorry for the long post, thanks for the help.


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I personally think that it would be too much to take A&P I & II and Microbiology in the same semester, especially if you are working. All three classes include a lot of information and memorization, and require a lot of study time. I'm sure you could do it if you put your mind to it, but why put yourself through the stress that will create? You could possibly take two classes together, as long as you don't take anything else. You want to put yourself in a position to get the best grades possible, and I don't think taking those classes together will do that for you, unless you cut everything else out of your life and study constantly. However, since you've already had the classes separately, you may be okay. I don't know, why not sign up for all three and see how it goes. If, after the first couple of weeks, you think you can't handle it, then drop a class as you see fit and pick it up the next semester.

When I was preparing for NS I took A&PII, Micro and Nutrition together in the summer! This meant I had to cover everything in fewer weeks. All I can truly say is...WHEW!! And I'd never do it again! But I made it through and got an "A" in all of those courses!

I did that because I needed to speed up my rate of completing classes so I could apply. If your not in a crunch to apply then I'd recommend not doing it. If you have a lot of obligations to work, family, etc it may be too difficult. In that case, it is best to take your time so you can keep improving your grades slowly. They don't care if you completed two classes or five classes at one time...they are looking at your grades.

I'm at WCCCD (ADN program) and the cut off admission gpa was 3.4.


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It looks like A&P II won't fit my schedule now. So no worries. Thanks for the advice.

Hey look at it this way, your gpa won't suffer. You know what you can handle. But it could have surely been too difficult.

One bonus of taking those classes together though is that it gives you some insight into the course load of nursing school. The content is heavy and you must have good study skills.

I know how you feel about wanting to get it all done. But this extra bit of time you have to prepare is also valuable in other ways. I took my pre-nursing time to build up my finances and to travel a bit. It helped since I'm able to focus on my studies without having to work.

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