A&P Cardiovascular System


In my a&p 2 class today, we started the cardiovascular system. My first thought was 😮 that's a lot to remember! At the same time, it's actually pretty interesting to me, and it'll be fun to learn about. I definitely think it'll be the trickiest body system we have studied so far. How did you guys do with cardio? Did you find it to be more of a challenge than any of the other systems?

I found the cardiovascular system pretty straightforward and easy to understand, compared to endocrine (so many feedback mechanisms!) or nervous (the brachial plexus!). Cardio was just a double pump and a lot of tubes to me. ;)

To be fair, though, I had already learned a lot for ACLS before I took A&P2, so I wasn't starting from zero.

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LOL - in my experience, newbies definitely have more difficulty with Endocrine. Most CV concepts are fairly "visible" and there are somatic sensations associated with them (palpitations, feeling faint, blushing, pallor, capillary refill, etc.). Endo is a whole other (fairly invisible thing). Nervous System was (and still is) my fave. Once you have the basic, it's very exact & predictable when it comes to applying that knowledge to patient care.