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I started my A&P class on May 25, 2012 and it really has me very depressed! This class is "excellerated", which also included a mere week of Nursing Perspectives. It seems that the harder I study for a test, the worst my test grade will be when I get my graded test back. The instructor has given us 2-3 test everyday of each week and the senoir nursing class that's 5 months ahead of us never look stressed to the max. The majority of the students are having the same problems and only a hand have a B average, most of us are making either a high C or low C. The rest are simply failing.I don't know what to do at this point! Out of 45 students only about 17 of us have these C's that I mentioned with 4 holding a B average. The instructor says that she is giving us the test format similiar to the NCLEX-PN, well shouldn't she at least give us the opportunity to learn the medical terminolgy first??? I am so frustrated many days I cry!! Does anyone have any suggetions??? I feel like quiting, but I am not a person who will walk away from something that I really want too quickly. :bluecry1:

Google can be resourceful. I use a variety things in nursing school. Google + what I need to understand for example mt last unit was endocrine so I would google "endocrine NCLEX questions" endocrine quizzes" etc.... I also utilize my book and the software it came with along with ATI. You have to find what works for you. For me it's writing things down. A lot of things ad then making a smaller list of things and then smaller etc etc...

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You can self study medical terminology. Most A& P books include in the first chapter. My funds book had an alphabetical list of roots, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, and acronyms commonly used.

You tube has some awesome videos regarding A&P submitted by reliable sources such as university professors. Many of my classmates used these while studying and were successful

Does your text include online resources or a resource CD/DVD? If so USE IT! Get a good NCLEX-PN prep book, there ate many Saunders, , Kaplan, Mosby, etc. see if your library had the nursing made incredibly easy series, you can also Google it as the website has a good amount of free content. Do you have a workbook with your text? Again, use it as many include NCLEX style questions.

If you need direction in a specific area or system post here or the nursing student assistance and many will try to point you to valid resources.


Thank you so much for the information! We have really just been overloaded with information and every piece of infromation regarding helping me to achieve my goal, I am grateful to get. I will google from now on with hopes of easing some of the pressures of me. Be blessed and thank you again.


I did go to "youtube" and can't seem to tear myself away! Thank you so much it really does reinforce what we learn in class. Plus there are so many other topics with regards to nursing along with current and past students. I had no idea about youtube, I always thought that it was a site for music videos. May God bless you and thank s for everything!

Specializes in Complex pedi to LTC/SA & now a manager.

No problem. I had a classmate that was obsessed with YouTube and found some absolutely awesome videos. We did A&P by system along with fundamentals, pharmacology, nutrition, and med-surg. Some videos were sponsored by device or drug companies (such as videos regarding pacemakers or treatment for heart disease) but the information was still valid regarding the disease process.

If you stick with videos from reliable sources (colleges, universities, medical schools, hospitals, etc.) you should do fine. There are some great animations of the physiology of various human processes. Just don't spend all your time on You Tube it is the summer!

Glad it helped.

Some of our instructors include YouTube in lectures!! The overload is never ending!

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