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Hi all,

I don't know if this fits in here but I am a new nurse. My anxiety has always been heightend in me for some reason and it will sneak up on me without a warning. I also have control issues and when things dont' go in the order i expect them to it freaks me out and creates more anxiety. I was recently suspened without pay b/c my supervisor thought I was not taking care of my patients safely. i had to go get a blood and urine test for drugs. i tried to explain to them that it was just my anxiety. I guess I could use the old excuse I was overworked, switching from nights to days is hard, but it is hard for me sometimes. I guess what triggered my anxiety to increase more was having a pt who was dying from liver cancer and it brought back memories of my mom. i knew i would have to deal with this one day, but i guess it hit me harder than i thought it would. Ever since then i guess i have been just going down hill so to speak. So when i got the news about the suspension it was hard to hear but after sulking for a day, i realized that my anxiety had taken over my life. i know i can be a better nurse and hopefully i can learn from this lesson that i need to ask for help . can i recover from this? i am afraid all of the hard work i put into being a nurse will go away.

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I'm sorry you are having such a tough time right now. Definitely find a doctor that you trust and start working on ways to make your anxiety more manageable. Good luck.

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:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeatfirst of all welcome! since we can't give medical advice, you need to speak with your pcp and explain to him/her what is going on.

please know you are not alone and realizing you need help is one of the biggest steps you can take to get this under control.

best of luck and come back often to vent, cry, express positive or negative thoughts and feelings you may have.

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