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  1. 0 As I'm sure you know, my husband and I are looking to move to Wyoming. My husband goes for his interview March 7th (wish us luck!) At that time, if accepted we will be given a list of places that have openings that he can "professionally beg" for. Of course, we will try for a college town (there aren't very many). I have a question as far as jobs go, though. I have been in management for 6 years now, but when I move up there I want to get a job as a CNA. I know there are better paying jobs I could probably do, but I want to see what it's like to be a CNA. My question is, do most places give you the option of working without benefits for higher pay? I'm not really sure how that works, so I am hoping for some insight from all you nurses!

    I want to thank all of you for your advice, and encouragement as my husband and I make our transition to Wyoming. I am scared to death, I must admit!!
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    Also, are there alot of places that offer training for a certain commitment time? Any places I should avoid (those of you that live in college towns)?
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    Beth- I hope your husband's interview went well. I live in Powell, WY- about 20 miles northeast of Cody. Powell does have a community college- it does have a nursing program, if that is why you are wanting a college town.
    Do you want to go to a large or small town? A nice town or an ugly town- yes, there are some ugly towns here!! Gillette is petty bad- I have not known anyone who has lived there that likes it- at least nobody that I know. It is a flat, dry, dusty town. It has a high number of Iraq/Eastern Indian population that has problems with the city. Lots of drugs there.
    Cheyenne is a 'mid' sized town. It has a college and an Air Force Base. Again, it is flat- dry, but 'grassier' than Gillette. Riverton is flat- not much there. Laramie is flat- bigger than Powell or Cody, but I don't know anything about it. Jackson Hole is beautiful!! But VERY< VERY expensive!! It is a winter tourist town. Don't know if there is a college. Riverton is very pretty- green hills/mountains- but there isn't anything there. Sheridan is also pretty- green, mountains- there is a college- not much else.
    If I can help, let me know.