Acceptance Rate for UWyo (Traditional BSN)

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    Hi All,

    Wondering what the average gpa is to get into the uwyo traditional program is?

    Thank you :wink2:

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    Quote from wildflowers84
    hi all,

    wondering what the average gpa is to get into the uwyo traditional program is?

    thank you :wink2:

    well, this is what their site says. i suggest calling them to find out. the secretaries and other support staff love to share this type of information.

    university of wyoming
    fay w. whitney school of nursing
    dept. 3065
    1000 e. unviersity avenue
    laramie, wy 82071[*][color=#aa7f00]
    university of wyoming campus
    fay w. whitney school of nursing
    health sciences center
    administrative office suite 351
    307-766-4312[*]bsn program: basic bsn
    -for students who are not registered nurses

    [color=#aa7f00]admission criteria:

    1. students must have a c or better in all required courses and a minimum nursing grade point average (ngpa) of 2.75 calculated on all prerequisite courses; however, this does not guarantee progression to the nursing major component
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    Are you thinking of transferring from UNC, then? I've been hoping you could update us on what that program is like!


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