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Hi I am an LPN on a ventilator unit, completing my last semester of school before graduating as an RN. Earlier this week I received my placement information for my internship which will be at the wound care clinic connected to... Read More

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    Hi Fannies's Mom,

    I am glad you found the post helpful; I work in a teaching outpatient Wound clinic and recognize the value and importance of education and resources

    What I found helpful, and what was great for networking is shadowing: Ask to shadow at the Burn Unit, Wound Care unit, the Enterostomal Nurse, etc; it exposes you to a wide variety of etiologies, presentations, and treatments. Also any Ortho and Vascular Unit dealing with pre and post op surgeries for amputations and rehab services.

    Check out any specialized Skin clinics if you can as well ie Psoriasis etc...a whole world of dermatitis's out there!

    Also getting to know Lab Values associated with infection, inflammation, and the clinical markers of those. IE CRP etc.

    A few things that are also huge are : edema control through compression and the pathology of edema ie Lymphodema, organ involvement, and, when compression is contraindicated due to arterial compromise. Check out Coban wraps, Modifies Unna's Boots, and the parameters. Very cool once you start linking your assessments with treatments re: Ankle Brachial Index, resting Duplex Ultrasounds, Peripheral Arterial Disease with diabetes etc.

    Keep us posted I loved reading " Burn Unit" by Barbara Ravage, I read it before I trained on the Burn Unit- very good look into Burn Nursing.

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