What does denuded mean?

  1. 0 Hello all. I recently started at a home health agency and have found myself doing a lot of wound care. I have come accross a few terms I am not too familar with. Could someone please offer a good resource or describe what denuded means in terms of an ulcer? also, what is the difference between granulating and clean-non granulating? which is better?

    thank you in advance!!
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    Denuded means excoriated/eroded. Type "denuded skin" into google images and you'll find lots of examples.

    Granulating tissue (Google "granulation tissue") is healthy, beefy red tissue in a wound. It's a good sign that the wound is healing.

    Clean, non-granualting tissue is also just as it sounds. There are no signs of infection or growth of bad tissue (slough, eschar) so it's clean, but it's also not growing granulation tissue, so it's not actively healing.

    Sounds like a basic wound care textbook might be of some use to you. I found "Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy" a very easy, informative read and also a great resource for all varieties of wound care.
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    Thank you! I will def be looking for that book
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    Denuded means skin gone via chemical means (urine, feces, sweat). Excoriation means linear scratching by mechanical means.
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