WCC Certification study guides??

  1. I will be taking the WCC exam in 8 weeks and would like to know if anyone knows what the best study route would be? I have "Wound Care Essentials" by Baranoski & Ayello and have been researching journal articles, but I would love a more detailed plan of study. Any ideas? Also I would love any info on the course content in order to help prepare. Thanks.
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  3. by   nursecathi
    I just finished that course! Forget the text books. Everything you need to know comes from the HUGE binder of information you get in the class. Other sources might just confuse you. The test was difficult. Do the reviews in the back of the binder. Pay attention. It's a long, grueling week and mentally exhausting (especially the first 3 days) but I feel I learned so much! Good luck!!
  4. by   dckap
    Thanks so much for replying! I'm excited but a little nervous. Can you give me any general ideas on what the course covers so I can review? For instance, how much do they concentrate on the A&P of the skin? I would love some general outline topics, my job is sending me w/ a promotion on the line so I need to pass and want to go in with as much fore-knowledge as possible. Thx!!!
  5. by   nursecathi
    The course covers A&P of skin pretty well. Wound types, dressings, other therapies (estim, negative pressure, debriding, etc.) Lots of pictures! Lots of information. Pressure wounds, diabetic ulcers, venous and arterial ulcers, "other" wounds", the difference between vesicles, pustules, nodules, etc. Don't drive youreslf crazy reviewing (or previewing). You get pretty much everything you need in the class. They only test on the class, not on what you knew beforehand.
    I was sent by my company, too. No promotion, no more money, just added duties! I'm not complaining. Glad they have so much confidence in me! I'm anxiously awaiting the test results.
  6. by   nursecathi
    I passed the course! I learned a lot. Like there needs to be a major change at my facility! Good luck dckap!
  7. by   Susanmcurry
    The week long course gives you everything you need to pass the exam. Do all of the review questions that go along with the chapters in your course book (included in the course). I took the course in 2005, and again in 2010 for my recertification!!! I learned a tremendous amount the first time, and got a refresher and learned even more the second! absolutely awesome course!