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I work home health, and have a patient who is .....lets put it "rotting" away. I have tried multiple times to get her BLE amputated but the dr said not medically stable...and has sent her home to die. she is only on hydrocodone... Read More

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    Quote from earle58
    that's exactly why i think 911 should be called.
    contacting these other agencies could take days, or even weeks.
    time is critical now.
    her doctor appears dismissive and she needs treatment NOW. this woman is suffering needlessly. someone has to do something now. once 911 is called and she's transported to the er, it might possibly open up a can of worms, including negligence, abandonment or even abuse. the hospital would treat her and also get the appropriate authorities involved. this is downright barbaric. i still maintain 911 is the way to go as this is an emergent situation and would be the fastest way to alleviate this poor soul's suffering.

    :yeahthat: Please let us know has this poor woman gotten any help yet????

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    To let you all know, my patient has passed away this past monday. the home health aide saw her that AM, and said she had the death rattle. I can honestly say I am happy that she has moved on. I cried every time I left her because I could tell she was in so much pain.

    and also to let you know, the coroner came in, looked at the body, had the police come in, get all medications and question the whole family. I am sure they will come for our records next. and you should see our chart on this patient. so many contact sheets to the dr about probs, all the times we tried to get more pain control, to get her to hospice, to get her surg to get those legs removed. the wound care sheets, the pictures of the actual wounds, the calls and conversations to the dr.

    I will never go to this dr and will never have anyone in my family go to him. It is horrible how he acted. And I do believe the police has visited his office for all records on this patient, from what I have heard. but he had a 'name' in this small town. so who knows.

    Thank you for all your kind words, and encouragment that meant a great deal to me.
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    sorry to hear of her passing like this. my condolences (((((hugs)))))

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    how tragic in so many ways.
    i won't say anymore.
    may this poor soul rest in peace.

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    Bless you...:angel2:
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    call 911 now
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    So sorry to hear about her loss and suffering. It could have been avoided if Doctor and family were more compliant and willing to work and take care of her like she should have been. Hats off to you, you tried everything you could to help her and give her peace.

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