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Was wondering if anyone out there had an alternative to the VAC sponge for negative pressure wound care? We have had nothing but troouble with KCI and there money hungry administration in the last year and would like to tell... Read More

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    I am a case manager on a surgical unit. We work very closely with plastic surgeons and they will ONLY order KCI due to poor wound healing with other manufactorers like Blue Sky or Specialty Medical Equipment. Also, unfortunately I have seen 2 patients discharged to SNF's with specific KCI wound vac orders and have returned with poor wound healing and wound infections because the SNF did not use the wound vac and used what appeared to be a technique mentioned in a previous post using suction. If the order is for the VAC why would you consider alternative methods? Unless the wound isnt healing> then wouldnt it be up to the MD to change the wound care orders?

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    Thanks for your response, I should clarify that we would not supercede doctor's orders, however, as a medical supply/DME provider, we want to offer our referral sources (case managers / discharge planners) a number of choices to accommodate different patient / wound scenarios. That is why I am seeking your experiences with different equipment. Somebody tell me what's the difference between a wound vac (generic term) and a suction device for wounds. Am I talking apples and oranges here? What about the Medela unit. They are well regarded for their breast pumps, but what about their wound care products?
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    attended a wound care inservice today re wound vac and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. asked cwon re other suppliers experience: wound healing was not as fast with other suppliers like blue sky nor had as good clinical outcomes. that's same experience other rn's have stated on the bb.

    re kci sponges: learned they have several sizes and now 3 types:
    a. regular black sponge varying size
    b. silver impregnated
    c. white thiner used for extremely sensative skin and close to major blood vessels

    see: all v.a.c. dressings for descriptions
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    The KCI Vac works because of its foam. The other devices I have tried are useless.
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    Quote from teresalpn
    Im A Tx Nurse At A Nursing Home..we Have Used The Kci And Blue Sky Wound Vacs....the Blue Sky Is The Best In My Opinion..they Worked Wonders On The Wounds.......
    You must not see many wounds! The Blue Sky Neg Pressure Device is garbage, and the KCI Vac is the only device out there proven to help promote wound healing. Also KCI is the only company out there the employes RN's to do education.
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    Quote from Tugdog
    a wound vac (generic term)

    Actually, wound vac is registered with KCI. Blue Sky and other competitors are not supposed to say they are a wound vac.

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