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Pilonidal sinus/cyst excision

  1. 0 My husband had a pilonidal sinus & cyst excised on Feb 20th. Can I post a pic of the wound here for fun? :hatparty: I've just taken over the packing/dressing of it from the home health nurses.

    It's a really clear digital picture and I'm curious to hear any comments about it!! I know white is granulation tissue and I think it looks like it's healing really well.

    Btw I am NOT looking for any medical advice at all whatsoever!! I just read a thread in here where someone said something about being able to post a pic of a wound and since it's my husbands (it was even his idea) I thought it might be fun. I'm just curious to see any comments on it.
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    may be interesting to see. have seen quite a few recently does he have a hairy butt!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    OUCH !

    My dtr. had one excised a couple years ago... the wound dehised before it healed and they had to go back and pack it and let it heal open.. took forever. Poor girl was in a lot of pain those first weeks... also a very humiliating experience. Her fiance had to change her dressings and clip the "wick" dailey... they're getting married in May... I told her "don't worry.. if he's stuck with you through all this, he really loves ya, Kid !!!" :chuckle
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    Quote from Natalieboo
    My husband had a pilonidal sinus & cyst excised on Feb 20th...
    Hope he has better luck than I did.

    Took three surgeries till they got all of it.