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  1. Hi all. I am a new grad nurse and will be completing my first year in September. I am currently working on a Heme/Onc floor at a major university hospital, but I have always been interested in wound care. While I don't intend to quit my hospital gig anytime soon, I would like to get WOC certified and possibly look into a 2nd, part time job. Does anyone know anything about the Emory online program. I like it for the price and reputation of the school's nursing program. I'm a little concerned about finding a preceptor though. Working nights, I have no real contact with the WOC nurses at my institution. Does anyone have any insight on the program or finding a preceptor? Thanks.
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  3. by   Ruthfarmer
    I attended the Emory WOCN Program on site in Atlanta last fall. It turned out to be one of those rare things in life that is everything I hoped it would be and then some! It is an absolutely outstanding program.

    If Wound, Ostomy, or Continence Nursing is a passion for you, then I would advise you to attend the Emory on-site program. If at all possible, do it ASAP, as the program director, and crown jewel of the program, Dorothy Doughty will be retiring next year.

    Although, I attended the on-site program, I would imagine that the on-line program is every bit as first class as the on-site program. It is my understanding that the same instructors for on-site work with the on-line students. I can tell you that the instructors are very invested in making the students successful. They all have the true hearts of nurses and true hearts of teachers. They are willing to meet with students before and after class to clarify concepts and assist students in learning what they need to know.

    It is a tremendously detailed and intensive course of study. If you are truly interested in the subject matter and the WOC patient population, you will enjoy it. If you are a disciplined student and have been successful in previous on-line classes, you will likely do well.

    As far as preceptors, Emory will work with you to help locate a preceptor. Another option would be to complete the didactic portion of the program on-line and then go to Atlanta to perform the clinical component of your program. There are some excellent preceptors in Atlanta.
  4. by   RiverNurse
    I'm currently enrolled in the distance learning program at Emory. I'm halfway through. I like being able to work at my own pace, but I do miss interaction with others. However, I'm used to doing online coursework, so that's no biggie.

    The instructors do keep up with me and are very encouraging - offering positive critiques on assignments and following up with emails.

    I plan on attending bridge week in Atlanta and do my clinicals at Emory. I think that will satisfy my "let's-see-some-awesome-wounds" jones I usually have going - as well as my need to interact with other wound care nurses.

    As far as finding a local preceptor, it requires either finding a preceptor known to Emory or submitting an application for a potential preceptor and having that person approved by Emory.


  5. by   CAB1437
    I too am enrolled in the on-line WOCN program at Emory. Its fantastic if you can not be on site for 12 weeks. I also plan to complete the clincal rotations on-site this fall.
    Good luck!! The program (and the field) is AMAZING!
  6. by   SedeMae
    To any Emory (WOCN) graduates out there! :-) I have just applied for the "Full Scope" course at Emory. I have looked and read and researched the concept of the "Bridgeweek" and am just not finding any clarification on this. Is this program just for those enrolled in the "split option or distant" learning? Do I need to concern myself with choosing a "Bridge Week" as an on-site/Traditional program student? Thank you in advance for any clarification you can offer. :-)
  7. by   mommy.19
    The bridge week is only for distance learning or split option students.

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