what does this number mean in cgfns?

  1. Im really sorry, if this may be a hilarious problem. xD

    Hi! Im a filipina applying CVS for New York State. and the first step of the procedure is to mail the documents back to CGFNS. yes, but the problem is...

    it says in their website (their address)

    3600 Market street, suite 400 Philadelphia, PA

    19104-2651 USA.

    since I was raised outside the United states, may I ask what does this number mean?
    Is that the zip code? I'm starting to get soo much conscientious about this. Im afraid that I may mess up my application if I placed wrong info in the courier

    can somebody please give a informative answer.

    your reply is highly appreciated. wish me luck

    I've sen this website and seen lots of numbers! http://philadelphia.areaconnect.com/...y=Philadelphia and learned that the area code is 215, will that be asked also?

    many thanks!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Yes that is the zip code (technically a zip+4 which is more specific to location to better ensure timely delivery by the USPS
  4. by   Ms.Angela
    thank you soo much! now I know what to do. so 19104 is the zip and the 2651 says the specific location. thank you so much for having the time to reply back. I can now say bye-bye to my heightened anxiety. thank you so much. God speed
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