UK RN IV training for Australia

  1. Hi

    Im an RN in Scotland looking to go to Australia on a working holiday visa to work as a nurse. Would I need to do my IV course over here first to be qualified to work as a nurse in Australia? Im aware that the pre registration course in Australia covers IV training so just want to know
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  3. by   K+MgSO4
    What do you mean IV training?

    Giving antibiotics and TPN? Or canulating?

    Can you explain further?
  4. by   VickyMcSkimming

    Yeah I mean IV antibiotic administration and TPN. Giving medications intravenously
  5. by   StVitusDanceRN
    Just a quick question: do RNs in the UK not normally do IVs as part.of there regular scope of practice? Just asking as a RN from the states. I am considering moving to Australia in a couple of years. I spent almost a month while with the military and loved the country and her people.
  6. by   VickyMcSkimming
    No, UK RN's have to do an additional course after 6 months of being qualified but it's very hard to get the training due to budget issues within the National Health Service generally only a few nurses in each ward are IV trained. It's a silly system but don't want it to hold me back from working in Aus.
  7. by   StVitusDanceRN
    Thank you for replying did not know that. As member of the UK is it easier for you to make the move to Australia? Or do you have to go through all the paperwork like say someone like mefrom the states?
  8. by   K+MgSO4
    It is a ridiculous archaic throw back that I went through in Ireland as well. Get your course done as I give IVs like they are going out of fashion. Australian nurses give ivs all the time from 2nd yr undergraduate if they are competent.
  9. by   VickyMcSkimming
    As far as i know it's exactly the same for nurses from the US and UK. Only know from what i've read though.
  10. by   VickyMcSkimming
    I want to do my course but between issues with my ward manager, budgets and long waiting lists to get the course it's not likely i'll get it. Desperate to emmigrate though. I would pay to do a course ober there if possible.
  11. by   K+MgSO4
    In fairness even if you didn't get it done you could refer to the bible that every Ward has the Australian injectables book. This tells you how to make up every med and how to administer it length of time solution etc.

    Australian grad nurses have nowhere near the basic clinical skills that Irish and UK nurses have when they graduate so they all apply for a "grad year" which they work on wards with support of a clinical educator. One of these could quickly get you up to speed.

    They idea that IVs are this huge mystery is this silly notion the NHS and the Irish HSE have.
  12. by   VickyMcSkimming
    I really want to do my training before I go but it's looking unlikely. Hopefully there are ways around it and I can get somethhing sorted over there if i don't manage to get it done here. I did look at the new grad programmes but wasnt sure if i would be eligble to do this with post registration experience? Thanks for your advice
  13. by   Gem1210390
    Hi what ward do you currently work on in the NHS?
  14. by   VickyMcSkimming
    I work in elderly rehab and assessment. Im thinking of leaving though to work full time on the staff bank (theres major staff shoages here so theres always full time hours for bank staff) and gain experience in different areas.