UK Paediatric nurse wanting informatioion about working in USA.

  1. I am a Uk train Paediatric nurse and unfortunately i notice most of the UK nurses are Adult trained. Is this anyone with any valuable information that I could get as i am starting to research how i can get started to work in the USA as a qualified RN. I did peads in UK and so not sure as everyone i see commenting on the forums seem to be Adult UK trained. I just need answers so i can proceed. I will contact New York Education state on nursing to see what i would need short of the course for credentials to eb verified etc ??? help i am soooooo lost
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  3. by   babyNP.
    You'll need adult hours in various areas. It might be prudent to get your adult nursing license in the UK so that you can have more of the hours done already.
  4. by   elkpark
    Different countries use different models of nursing education and practice. The US trains and licenses RNs as generalists; there's no such thing as separate licensure for pediatric RNs. In order to be eligible for RN licensure in any US state, you'll need to have (whatever number of hours the specific state requires of) classroom and clinical education in adult med-surg, OB, and psych in addition to your pediatric training. That is a requirement of every US state.

    Best wishes for your journey!
  5. by   queenbee100
    Thanks guys for your replies. Do anyone know if there are make up courses in the states that I could do? Are there any online ones? I am still currently living in Uk and trying to get this sorted ie additional credits in the above subject areas and i guess also clinical ? Please let me know if you do know of any especially in NY as i have alot of family there.

    Equally, does anyone know of any other make up courses in UK for Peads nurses wanting to make up the clinical and theory adult etc hours?? Brighton Uni no longer runs the programme- I rang them.
  6. by   babyNP.
    You'll need a lot more clinical time and since you have no experience with adults and that makes up the bulk of an American nurse's education, I don't know how realistic it is to just do a couple of courses. You can do a search; I haven't heard of any.

    What kind of visa are you coming over to the US on or are you married to a US citizen or do you have a green card? There's a visa retrogression for nurses spanning many years.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    I seriously doubt there is anything in the UK in regards top up unless you look at the 18 month courses but generally need employer to sign off on them (I believe)

    Top up courses in the US I think will also be difficult, the few threads especially in CA that have been posted require the full nursing course to be completed