Studying in Japan as a nurse....Possible? Pratical?

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    Hello, everyone, I'm new to the whole world of could say.

    Anyway, I really like to take care of people and I'm very interested in the Japanese Language.
    I have been studying for the past two years and I am not sure what to do with my knowledge of the language except live and work in Japan.(I really love the language redbeathe ) So I would love to continue to learn and use it.

    So when I graduate from high school (yes, I'm pretty young >.<)
    I will continue to study Japanese to the point I can enter a nursing college in japan. (In language school)

    I just wanted to ask some questions about nursing in Japan.

    I know about Japan and the whole not wanting foreigners working as nurses, but if I were to train in Japan and become certified in Japan, would it be possible to work as a nurse in Japan?

    Does anyone know how much does...say an RN gets paid...should I expect very low wages or something comparable to western countries?

    About the nursing colleges in Japan, which would give me a BSN in nursing? (a 3 yr college or a regular 4 yr college w/ nursing as a major?)

    From there I would want to work my way up to Nurse Practitioner, is the same process in Japan as it is in say America?

    Sorry, for asking these questions, but since I read a lot of stuff about foreigners not being able to work as a nurse in Japan a lot. Since I'll be graduating soon, I wanted to know ahead of time if it's worth the trouble to study being a nurse in Japan or choosing another major.

    I hear being a foreign doctor is okay, you can practice medicine in Japan without to much trouble, would I be correct in saying this? What about other fields of medicine, I'm particular interested in psychology, naturalist medicine and veterinarian medicine.

    Thank you in advance for everyone responses~!!!
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    I am glad you are interested in Japan.

    I would think nurses in japan can earn as much as nurses in the USA. I don't know how much you understand and write Japanese language. I think it would be really really hard to get in to the university in Japan. I donít think i can.... either...
    I am a nurse in the USA, graduated from university in the USA. I would be eligible to take the national board of nursing in Japan. If i pass the test i can work as a nurse in Japan. But i know Japanese language; it is hard.....for me too....
    In Japan, they have just introduced a nurse practitioner program in Ohita University. So there is only one university that offers the NP course. I donít know if they even have the position in the healthcare field yet....
    If i were you, i would go ahead become a nurse or a nurse practitioner in the USA. And i would try to get a job in the US army base in Japan. Because the bases in Japan are American territory so you should still use the American rn license i think...
    Good luck and hope this help you some...
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    Vet medicine? I know a lot of patients behave like animals, but you need to try a vet forum for that info.
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    I agree with the above response pertaining to the military bases. I enjoy Japanese language too. I lived in Japan for 4 years and have been studying it very casually for years since leaving, though I am planning on going back to serious study again now that I have finished my nursing education. I went to high school on one of the navy bases there but I lived off base in the middle of Yokohama. It was the best time of my life. You will not be able to go to Japan right away if you become a military nurse--I looked into it myself. There are only a few choices as a first assignment as a new nurse in the military. But I believe it is your best chance of working over in Japan since, as you were correct in saying, the Japanese don't hire foreigners as nurses. Seeing as you are still in high school, I would discuss with a recruiter about military nursing and possibly doing ROTC while in college if this is something you really want to do. I am going into the Army Reserves very soon, myself. They seem to have the best benefits for nurses at the moment. Going through ROTC should make it easier to become selected as a nurse as it is very competitive to get into the military as a nurse these days.
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    unfortunately, nurses in Japan are paid much less than nurses in America.