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To an American nurse, it seems like an upside-down system of Policies and Procedures that fails to fall within any framework of prior hospital experiences. This is a place where the patients tell you... Read More

  1. by   babdulrahim
    How do you get a job at Saudi Arabia? After passing the nclex, what are some of the steps to take in order to move either to Saudi Arabia or Dubai?
  2. by   Balder_LPN
    With the segregation of men and women, wouldn't there be a significant demand for men who are nurses?
  3. by   babdulrahim
    Can u please tell me which agency did you go through to get job overseas and what are some of the steps that I would need to take into considerations such visa, housing, nclex, experience in order to get my approvement of going oversea
  4. by   amina35
    Thank you for your insights. I really would like to move to saudi. I'm a labor & delivery RN with 7 years of experience. Needs some info: which agency, can I go with my family?
    All my best
  5. by   amina35
    Need help moving to saudi as an Rn. Please
  6. by   MadharinaSiti
    Re phrase................islam only have 4 mazhab maliki, hanbali, shafie & hanafi,,,this 4 mazhab are almost the same,,,, (basically) only slight differences according to people (where they origin) it is in quran....its foloow quran and sunnah (sunnah is what rasul muhammad did and said-its like a tracer.....everything must be fact---what his friend or wife written in sunnah must all come from him....they will track who written it and pass to whom and lastly must come from rasul muhammad;;;like history book) shiah is totally muslim country even malaysia and indonesia claiming shiah is not islam because they not whorship allah but they obsess with only rasul muhammad grand son. They pray not according to what the quran that why syiah is not islam
  7. by   MadharinaSiti
    Syiah is considered heresy in most of islamic in america,,,,cultus,,,,
  8. by   nursing-ontario
    Canadian Nurses in Saudi Arabia
    Registered Nurse (RN) Salary (Saudi Arabia)
    This article may be reliable, but still there is hesitation in regarding to the taxes reduction can be affect it yearly.

    Hello Everybody,

    According to a current website, the salary for nurses in Saudi Arabia is not that bad
    I kindly ask if somebody have a recent experience in working in SA.
    They are evaluating my profile and say the salary is going to be taxes-free
    But I think that as soon as I get back to Canada-Toronto, my income will be taxable.
    Am I right?
    They also offer good bonuses yearly and several weeks off to visit my family. + plus travel tickets

    If any comment, I will appreciate it

  9. by   Silverdragon102
    There may be tax implications, may be worth talking to an accountant
  10. by   missieprissie
    Why would anyone even consider going to such a dangerous place? THEY COULDN'T PAY ME ENOUGH(and trust me $$$ is my favorite friend!) Kuwait representatives came to a university I worked at the late 70s and was trying to recruit people, and young thoough I was, I had the good sense to turn them down. No such thing as free lunch.
  11. by   socal1
    this article is heavily biased. yes the royals are extremely rich and lazy, most extremely rich people will be who were born into wealth. muslims dont befriend infidels?!! biggest crock ive ever heard. i know plenty in the workforce, that are very friendly.
  12. by   socal1
    i know in the u.s. when i worked overseas with the military, 95k was tax free as long as you stay overseas for 330 days of the year.
  13. by   nursing-ontario
    Thanks Silverdragon,

    What I found is that all canadian income should be taxable after all

    To make sure I will visit my accountant