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To an American nurse, it seems like an upside-down system of Policies and Procedures that fails to fall within any framework of prior hospital experiences. This is a place where the patients tell you when it is time for an... Read More

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    sad to say, the world is full of envy, greed, & pride, among many other evils. as members of the human family, we could all use an extra dose of generosity & humility.
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    I was reading what you wrote about working in saudi Arabia and some of the things you said about the people are not nice. I'm a saudi nurse my self and NOT ALL SAUDI NURSES ARE LAZY. that was offensive and unacceptable. you cant generalize that all saudi nurses are lazy. just because you seen a sample of them doesn't mean all are the same. those nurses may have bigger responsibilities at home remember you came to Saudi to work and some may have left their families back home. so all you have on mind is work and save money. you should be grateful that you can work, get a good salary and save it all because you dont have to pay for anything. I'm in the USA now studying my masters so dont say all saudi nurses dont have motivation to learn and nooooooo i dont just eat and sleep. I wish you dont make saudi sound so bad. there are the good and the bad in every country. I do acknowledge that my people have faulty and can be challenging when dealing with them but isn't that in every culture.try to see the good in you experience in saudi and take the best of it back with you. Im doing the same here in the USA believe me.
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    this thread is good..i'm beginning to like the idea of working in KSA.. it uplifts my fear of going there..
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    Very interesting. Saudi Arabia is never going to be on my list for potential travel assignments or vacation or anything. I like having rights. God Bless America.
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    It's interesting but the more I read about Saudi Arabia and more I want to go. Thank you Rasha for your comments!
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    your are most welcome you guys have great advantage of going to Saudi to work. our health care system needs nurses and specially APNs. what im trying to say is that you will have better salaries than other nationality nurses.Do you know that they put nurses from USA, England, Ireland, Australia.. in level A that means they get the highest salaries. Saudis are at level B so you will get even more salary than me... the best part is no tax and that is what i always hear from many foreign nurses in Saudi. I have had many nurses that i worked with say that they have enjoyed their stay in Saudi and that the don't regret going in the first place. Its a different experience specially with the big culture difference between the states and Saudi but its worth a try.

    this is not to say whose country is better , its not a competition. So try not to compare any country to your country because each country has its culture and differences. you may see that we don't have rights but let me tell you i love my country and i would not trade it if i was paid. we have many advantages and im proud.
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    Man ! i read teh whole the post.. and though i am late.. but i really enjoyed..
    It was so descriptive form.. and beyond all the facts that you set.. Yet i believe that things are only from you prespective view.. other people may not see it the way you do .
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    salaam and hello

    well I'm an American Muslim and just last year my family was in Saudi for a year-My husband taught at a Univ there. I am not a nurse-yet...but en'shallah will be soon! (I'm studying for the nursing exams right now)...its not all bad working/living in Saudi. Yes its not easy-like compared to life in the USA but if your salary is good and your compound is good, its not too bad. Some things do take adjustment but most foreigners go there with the intention of earning money, saving and going back home after a few years. Also, while yes some members of society are indeed lazy, some are hard working-just like anywhere else so one cant necessarily generalize, many Saudi's are extremely interested in working hard and improving their lives...not every Saudi is rich. There are many which are living hand-to-mouth and both husband and wife work hard to provide for their families. If your a little open minded you will learn a LOT and often make Saudi friends who want to show u their culture.

    Just keep this in mind...also if your Muslim and coming from the west, the perk is ready access to Makkah and Medinah.

    After I finish up my nursing degree (God willing) we are discussing going back for another year or two so I can work there for awhile.
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    Quote from Saifudin
    I am from the states and a DON in an addiction/mental health facility in Dammam. We have about 250 nurses with approximately 210 male staff. My nurses come from Egypt, Tunisia, Philippines, India, Sudan and over the past 2 years, Saudi. The trend now is to hire Saudi staff.

    A serious issue is the level of training. Most, if not all who have posted from Saudi work in the higher grade hospitals and these hospitals generally do not hire the level of staff I have. Many of my staff, particularly the Egyptians did nursing training as a technical high school and in Saudi they are classed as 'technicians' by the Saudi Council for Health Specialties. Professional nurses are western (dip, ADN, BSN and up), other countries at the BSN level. Egypt has BSN and grad level nurses but that is just now opening for men. Sudan and India have the same level of nurses with BSN and higher also in India.

    Technical nurses are considered by the ICN and WHO as similar to the LPN level but frankly, some of my staff are not close to that.

    A problem now in saudi are the many private nursing insitutes that are spewing out 2 year diploma nurses. In my experience no one fails. I do pre-employment exams allowing for a 60% pass rate and some fail that but passed their programs. These nurses are having difficult times finding employment which is not surprising.

    In this mix I have some very good nurses. Character means alot to me. A person can lack skills but have a beautiful character, be motivated, sincere with integrity. These people want to excell and one of my responsibilities is to help them to do so and they do with the proper attention, training and encouragement.

    I have also had some very difficult individuals that tried their best to apply their 'own rules' but we have prevailed to date because first we behave professionally and don't use underhanded tactics and second because I have excellent support from the hospital director and administration. We have managed to set a few individuals 'straight' but with quite a bit energy expended in doing so but it was worth it.

    A problem in the system itself is what I believe is a sense of entitlement that creates two classes in the work place; Saudi and non-Saudi. For example, in the MOH Saudis get paid time of for CE, foreign staff do not. This can create moral problems and a two tiered system leaving some nurses feeling less than enthusiatic about their work. Another area I concentrate on in my leadership position is narrowing this gap and in some ways not allowing a gap to exist at all.

    In the end, it is true, there are good and bad in all groups of people. The system needs a great of nurturing and their are many factors that one must understand and deal with in order to successfully navigate as a leader and anyone working here long enough will understand what I mean.

    While nursing training in the States is some of the best in the world, I find it interesting to read issues presented on Allnurses and the ANA nurses network regarding serious issues with nursing managers and other behavior anonmolies that reveal that character and personality issues occur in every place making for undesirable working conditions.
    Dear Sir, With good intention, may I know if you still hiring male nurse in that specialty ward your working? I am a Filipino with less experience here in the Philippines. I once work in the psychiatric home in Connecticut for one month just for the experience. here in the Philippines I work as a nurse trainee in a government hospital. thank you.
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    Fascinating....thank you!

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