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I'm interested in working in Dubai eventually after i qualify next year and would like to hear from any nurses who have worked or are working in that region. Any advice etc would be appreciated Thanks!... Read More

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    I bet you are a fresh graduate?
    Theres no way in UAE can employed nurses without experience? just try your luck until you got a sound clinical experience.Advice! experience is your passport to overseas emplyment.Is like going to war without amunition?
    Its a universal if your trying to find a job in the Philippines..try hard and hard until you can find one? tough life...that is the reality.

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    Hi UKrgn2008
    I actually have 2 years experience nursing. I've recently been in contact with a recruitment agency for the UAE but they want me to sign on for 2 years and I'm not sure that I want to do that! I would rather a locum or a one year contract! are you currently working in the UAE? is there any advice you can give me re: recruitment agencies??
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    Hi everyone, I am a british nurse working in UK and New to this site. I'd be sooo grateful if someone could advice me on working in Dubai.... I also cannot decide between Dubai or abudhabi. I hope to move out there atleast by the end of 2011 / or begining of 2012...... i'll be travelling alone so im lil nervous on things like settling, making new friends etc. Have any of you done this and if so please share your experiences.. thank u. x
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    I am an American nurse and would also love to hear about UAE nursing. It seems like quite a few of the posts are from 2008-2009, and I am wondering how much the nursing climate has changed there. There also seems to be differing opinions about what tests you need to take. Some posts have stated that if you hold a US RN license you don't need to take additional exams there. Does anyone have a good contact for a recruitment service that works with international nurses? Just curious as I would like to go to the UAE when my contract is done here in 2013.
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    I am a qualified nurse from UK with 2 years experience. I am going to work in Dubai as a registered nurse but I do not much about living cost there. I have heard that the rent of a property is high. Does anyone know about this matter? How much is the real salary for british nurses? With receiving the salary is living cost affordable or not.

    Any other help would be appreciated.

    Thanks alot.
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    i'm interested in taking the HAAD exam but i heard that one requirements is you must have 2 years experience before you can take the exam. i want to clarify if this is true? thank you!

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