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I ws just wanting to know if there were any nurses here form Germany. I am interested in everything about Germany. (even learning the language) Would love to find a pen pal Lisa... Read More

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    I have four girls, three were born in Frankfurt a.m. Germany. The Air Force was kind enough to keep us at Rhein-Main Air Base for 8 years. I have wonderful german friends, and when I started working for the Army in Wiesbaden had the opportunity to work with the German medical community some also. Since there was no military hospital with in 1 1/2 hour drive, most of the ob patients delivered in the local Krankenhaus (hospital) I also taught for the Red Cross, healthy pregnancy and healthy baby classes, tours were given of the local hospitals, and what to expect (epidurals are not a given). They do have different care than what we are used to, so we inform them so they are prepared when they go. Our clinic would refer patients on the economy for many things because the military hospitals were a long distance away. I did come to realize in our area that the german doctors don't like that we americans ask so many questions. They are not used to that. It is interesting though to see the misconceptions that we all have about each other. Having said all that I told my doctor when I left germany last year if he ever went into private practice in germany, give me a call because i would be back there asap!

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    I am so jealous. You have all been somewhere that I will never get to go, at least not for a long time. TY all for taking the time to chat with me about it.
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    I lived in Nurenberg, Darmstat, and Reagensberg, Germany.
    It is a beatiful country. Get this, I started kindergarden there, came back to the states, went back to Germany years later, only to graduate high school there. My husband had to go to Nurenberg for his company, and naturally I flew over, while I was there I videoed my old high school, neighborhoods, etc. it was wonderful. Germany is one country I could live in besides the US.
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    Went to Germany as a turist, nice beer!
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    Next year holiday. Germany
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    I would give anything to be able to travel to Germany to visit. You ar all very lucky to have haad the experience
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    I would love to go to Germany! I was born there and have visited a couple of times. I speak the language as well as I do English. My kids ar grown and I hope to visit -- have lots of cousins there -- it is a dream -- but I to make it someday before I die.
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    I am currently trying to teach myself the language. I have to say that it is not the easiest to learn. I am currently taking nursing classes, soI can't afford,nor have the time to take a class. Would lov to meet someone close by or who has netmeetng. Would be kinda fun to speak(or in my case, try not to slaughter) the language.

    :-) Lisa

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