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Hi, I am new here and I am from Germany. I live here with my husband and 3 kids since almost 8 years! My youngest son will start Kindergarten after summer so that i think that this is for me a... Read More

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    [quote=Silverdragon102;4408842]Congrats on getting engaged, getting married will get you a immigrant visa

    Thanks a lot FloMom!

    I am taking the Adult nursing (Gesundheit und Krankenpflege) and ill be done in October 2011.
    My boyfriend is stationed in Wiesbaden and he wont leave till 2015 , when his tour is over, but i just want to make sure i have all the infos before i leave Germany.(i would also like to work in an american hospital in Germany)

    How does the transcript look like? or how does my translated Zeugniss suppost to look like? do u have a sample so i can show it to my Schulleiter?

    PS. Ill be moving to Dallas, TX or Tennessee not sure yet.

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    Transcripts have to come from the school of nursing where you are doing your training. Texas requires CES from CGFNS and appears that Tennessee requires CGFNS exam

    Suggest a read on CGFNS International re CES and Certification exam